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Health monitoring

Uptime monitoring isn't enough

A 200 OK response does not always mean everything is ok. The page may load fine but let's say your queue workers crashed, so emails are not going out. Sound familiar?

Today, any sufficiently complex Laravel project:

  1. Connects to a database
  2. Utilizes cache
  3. Sends email
  4. Talks to 3rd party APIs
  5. Runs scheduled tasks / cronjobs

On top of that, there are other concerns such as server health. What if your server's disk is 95% full? That's just a problem waiting to happen soon.

It must be clear now why you need to monitor every single component of your Laravel project, all the time. Got a critical scheduled task? Monitor it. Scared of running out of disk space? Monitor that as well. What if your database server crashes? You get the point...

How do I monitor application health?

To set up health monitoring, you need to install our Laravel package, which ships with useful checks that make sense for any Laravel application.

For further information, explore our Laravel package.